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Rvantage Mobile RV Services is a mobile RV and camper repair and consulting company. We do not just fix them, we inspect them, Maintain them and educate their owners. Being full time Rv'ers ourselves we have the knowledge and experience to help you. 

We understand that RVing can be a great experience but it can also be frustrating and a bit intimidating if you are unsure how something works or what something is used for. When we purchase these giant boxes, no one shows us the ins and outs of how things work and what to do when they don't work. For that reason we offer a 2 to 4 hour education and orientation program. We will spend the time it takes to answer your questions, show your how things work and yes even some tips to avoid those costly mistakes. 

We offer a personalized maintenance program that is tailored to your needs. Annual and Semi-annual maintenance programs are available and since it is customized to your needs, you do not pay for something that you may not need. Let's talk about your concerns and develop a plan based on how you use your RV.

Are you thinking about buying an RV and are just not sure what to look for? Is it really a good deal if you will be spending money on costly repairs. Let us check the systems and help you to make an informed decision. 

Of course, we also do repairs. We seal roofs, Repair Refrigerators, Repair Water Heaters, Repair Furnaces, Repair plumbing, Repair 12 volt and 110 volt systems and Repair and install Air Conditioners. If it's, in, on, over, mounted to, or under you RV, we probably fix it. 

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